A lot has been going on this spring! Comcast installed new internet in our neighborhood, but some residents weren’t happy about the damage caused during installation. When we turned on our sprinkler system, we discovered several sprinkler issues, including a major line break on Carlson Blvd and Brunner. Fixing it required digging up a large section of grass and ordering parts, which delayed getting the sprinkler system up and running as quickly as we’d hoped. We’ve worked with Comcast to get these items repaired, and they have paid for the issues.

We’ve made some improvements at the pool house. Everything got a thorough power wash, including all concrete areas and buildings. Cracks in the cement and pool edges were fixed, along with caulking on building structure edges. The pool fence, which was rusting, got repaired and a fresh coat of waterproof primer and black paint was applied. Brick fence pillars that were leaning were repaired. Broken gutters at the pool house were repaired. Broken lighting fixtures in the bathrooms have been replaced. Sand was replaced in the pool filters. Pool house shower was caulked.

The basketball court’s plastic top was deteriorating, so we removed it and power washed the entire court. Cracks in the court concrete were also cut out and filled with caulk. We are planning to repaint the lines on the court next year. The split rail fence near the basketball court got a power wash and re-stain.

Phase 3 of the fence project began in May. This involves refinishing and repairing the fence along E State Hwy 60 and on Ballentine Blvd near the pool. Power washing and replacement of pickets and poles have started. It’s slightly behind schedule due to focusing on repairing the pool fence before the pool season started. We’re aiming to finish this fence work by July.

A new landscape contractor has started this year and they continue to get up to speed.

The spring board meeting was canceled due to the amount of work that board members have been working on and scheduling conflicts. The board is working to schedule the remaining board meetings and the schedule will be sent out by BlueHawk soon.