We’ve been getting reports of people being at the pool after hours and jumping the fence to gain access. This will not be tolerated. We’ve talked with the local police department and they are aware of the situation. The board and the police are requesting your assistance. If you see anyone at the pool after 10 PM or you witness someone jumping the fence to gain pool access, please contact the Weld Country Police Dispatch office right away. They will send an officer to the pool house. Officers now have access to our pool. The police are aware that the board will not tolerate these activities and have been instructed to charge anyone violating these rules with a trespassing ticket.

Weld Country Police Dispatch Phone Number: 970-356-1212

Blue Hawks 24 hour property management emergency number at: 469-284-8833

The Board: [email protected]

Pool rules are posted on site and include:

  • General pool use hours are 8AM – 9PM
  • Pool will only be used during pool hours
  • No children under the age of 13 are allowed at the pool without an adult over the age of 18.
  • Any Adult or Board Member has the right to check or ask to see a pool key card. If one is not present, they can ask the trespasser to leave further contact the police and the board.
  • No speakers are permitted at the pool. Only headphones can be worn to listen to music.
  • Food and Drink are not permitted at the pool.
  • Each household can only have a maximum of 4 guest.
  • Pool use can be suspended for any HOA violation or unpaid HOA dues.
  • Anyone sharing their key card with other residence or allowing guests into the pool without a key card will have their pool access revoked.
  • The board monitors the cameras throughout the year.