We are excited to begin fence work along E State Hwy 60 and near the pool on Ballentine Blvd. Weather permitting, work will begin Saturday, April 6th and continue each weekend until the work is completed. 

During this time, fence work will include: power washing the existing fence, replacing pickets that are in bad shape or are rotten, repainting the fence.  

We have adjusted the schedule to weekends in hopes that residents with animals can keep them inside when they notice fence work starting in your area. The contractor may knock on your door if you have animals and ask for them to be put inside while they do their work. 

If you have any shrubs, trees or dirt protruding from your yard into HOA areas, please try to clean this up prior to the contractor’s replacing pickets.  Picket replacement should begin near April 13th.  

Our goal is to complete this work early spring, so that we can enjoy it for the summer months.

Thank you for your assistance and cooperation. 

The Carlson Farm Board