We have some exiting news!  Thanks to feedback we received from the Design Review Committee (DRC), we have updated the paint colors section of the Residential Improvement Guidelines to provide more flexibility and adapt to modern design trends.  The following sections have been added to the guidelines:

2.14.1: The ‘gable’ body color on homes is acceptable to be painted an alternative color than the rest of the body color. The ‘gable’ color must be an approved body, trim, or accent color referenced from the ‘Carlson Farm HOA Exterior Paint Color List’. The proposed color scheme is still subject to DRC and Carlson Farm HOA approval per section 1.8 of these guidelines.

2.14.2: Garage Doors are acceptable to be painted using an approved trim or accent color that matches proposed trim and accent colors that is to be used for the remainder of the home as per the ‘Carlson Farm HOA Exterior Paint Color List’.

2.14.3: Brick is acceptable to match the proposed body color of the residence referencing the approved ‘Carlson Farm HOA Exterior Paint Color List’. The brick coloring product specifications shall be submitted with the ‘Design Review Request’ form for review and approval by the DRC. Upon approval, the home owner is responsible for the adherence of the products installation requirements and upkeep.

These additions are adopted as a result of feedback collected by the DRC from our community. 

We are very excited by the efforts of the Design Review Committee and we wish to thank these volunteers for all their work in reviewing requests and presenting recommendations for design updates for our neighborhood. 

If you are interested in volunteering to serve on the DRC and would like additional information please reach out to the board by sending an eMail to [email protected].