Fence Phase 2 Work / Fence Stain Color

The fence located on Carlson Blvd is nearing completion. Nearly 300 pickets were replaced prior to staining. As a reminder, work on State Highway 60 will be done next year as part of phase 3. We’ve had a few request for the stain type and coloring. Please see the details below:


Phase 2 of Fence Work Starting

Phase 1 of the fence project was on the West side of Carlson Farm. Phase 2, will start in August and will repair, strip and stain the parts of the fences that face Carlson Blvd. Residents have been notified that anything pressing on the fence that backs up to Carlson Blvd, will need to be…

BBQ / Pool Opening

The pool and neighborhood BBQ is Saturday May, 27th from 12-2PM! At the BBQ and pool opening, we will be distributing new key-cards required to enter our pool! Those that can’t attend, please send [email protected] an email and we’ll work to get you a new card. We will be mailing out unclaimed key-cards in the…